Content Marketing Elevated

We create relentlessly engaging content for B2B Businesses.

We are excited to announce that Eccolo Media has been acquired by Elevation Marketing, a top B2B marketing agency.

We Helped Pioneer Content Marketing

We were there in the beginning. We started one of the first agencies in the United States to focus exclusively on content strategy, planning, and creation for large technology enterprises. We realized that the Internet, social media, and mobility were fundamentally changing how businesses were interacting with customers. Companies were becoming publishers and great content was critical to their new role.

What We Produce

We develop a wide-range of B2B focused content, from white papers, industry reports, and business briefs, to infographics, ebooks, and social copy, to sales presentations, brochures, data sheets, and more.

What We Do

What We Think

Content in the digital age is changing as quickly as the underlying technology. New form factors, different distribution channels, shorter attention spans, the rise of owned media and native advertising—it’s enough to make a marketer go … (well, you fill in the blank). At Eccolo, we’re obsessed with what comes next.


In our annual survey, 73 percent of respondents said a high level of interactivity somewhat or greatly increases the influence of content. In a recent project, we were asked to rethink what a traditional case study would look like if it became much more interactive.

Who We Are

The key to producing great content is to engage the best editors, writers, producers, videographers, and graphic artists. Creativity, storytelling, and a deep understanding of technology is not an easy combination to find, but we’ve spent years identifying and nurturing the best creators of the creative class.

In addition to our core team of experienced senior executives, we have a vast network of talent who have:

  • Extraordinary domain expertise in the technology industry. They have an average of 10-plus years writing for technology clients and publications in such areas as hardware, software, networking, SaaS, cloud, open source, data, BYOD, virtualization, and mobile.
  • Deep experience in all formats (print, multimedia, video, web/SEO, social, mobile) and across all internal/external audiences (thought leadership, collateral, sales tools, sales enablement, demand gen/nurture, communities, customer reference, etc.).
  • Completed Eccolo’s rigorous testing and training process.

What We Think